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About Qatar

Since gaining independence in 1971, Qatar has quickly risen to prominence both regionally and internationally to become an economic, political and cultural powerhouse in the Middle East. With a relatively small local population and substantial revenues generated from having the third-largest proven natural gas reserves globally, Qatar has the world’s highest GDP per capita, averaging approximately $100,00. Prior to 2010, the country was mostly known internationally as the home of the media network Al Jazeera, yet this changed when Qatar won the contest to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup in December 2010.


Whether focusing on its extensive international investments, ample spending at home on substantial infrastructure projects, labour migration issues or the state’s involvement in foreign and regional affairs, Qatar has made a name for itself in the international arena. With one of the fastest-growing economies worldwide for many years, revenue from the oil and gas industry has also allowed the country to enjoy some of the highest international standards in education and health care.