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The popular Glam Interiors + Design magazine is now monthly.

From the most simple perspective, we want to start with the importance of having a wonderful closet to house your wonderful fashion wardrobe. A wonderful closet should be part of a well-designed home where you can enjoy the space to live, breathe and just be you. The good vibes channel an inner confidence that makes you look and carry yourself better in that latest SS17 runway look. It’s all connected, you see, fashion and our surroundings. And what makes the aesthetics of our surroundings is the principle of design. Good design, just like a wonderfully cut swath of fabric, makes all the difference.

Our sister magazine GLAM Interior and Designs was thus launched many moons ago to encapsulate the works and creative process of people who just simply bring out the best of spaces with well-thought out design concepts. But in the course of our journalistic endeavors, we realised how the spheres of fashion and design in the Middle East is so closely linked, whether as projects, people and the community. It made sense, in the end, for us to bring the two worlds together and introduce an integrated GLAM where fashion and design meets every month. From March 2017 issue, the dual-world journey begins as we continue to bring you the best of fashion and design.